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Posted by Tichnarr - October 16th, 2014

y'all need to stop.

I'm tired of seeing ads (screw your adblock) that contain a chick with oversized breasts and pupils that SHOULD be sizzling in broad daylight. Also, about 99.250 of them are half naked!



Posted by Tichnarr - July 8th, 2014

Here we go again.

This post will be a chatroom until I find where the chatroom button is. I've got butts to stab so make it quick.

Posted by Tichnarr - May 13th, 2014

You tired of me making posts about my thoughts on reality? Well too bad! Plug your ears and sit down and prepare to be lectured.

So, fellow Newgrounders, life has sucked a bit less for me recently. I got ModNation Racers (Yes, it's a kids game but all the badasses and artists play it) and that stuff is the best racing game I have ever played! Back to other crap. I got my friend to read Homestuck (All other fandoms, just go away now.) so I am a bit more happy. About country music. I know it's literally the ONLY thing they play on the popular radio stations nowadays, but I, personally, hate it (Thank God for Gorillaz and Green Day [maybe Weezer once in a while, and why the hell not the Borderlands soundtrack?]). Also, you all need to make some things happen in this world. News is real borin' recently. Good things, like funding the schools across the nation, givin' to the poor or I don't know, getting off your butt and doing something for the greater good? Anyways, once again, life is good. I found a thing recently ( Stop thinking that way. ) and it's shiny and cost like $2.99. And did they remove the chat? I'll be REAL disappointed if so. Now before I go, one expectation. I want this post to be commented upon and ... such. Goodbye for now.


Posted by Tichnarr - October 19th, 2013

The title says it all, but... uh...

I'm not exactly one for Newgrounds, but anyway, I have been getting ignored a LOT lately, and I'm fine (and used) with that.
I will also say: Screw animes, and pieces of crap they call music. I'm nearly done with this website because it's getting to be very boring and dreary. This is not a drama show or a pity party or whatever, nor a rage message (Screw you if you think it is!)
I have also noticed that all my art is a bunch of crap compared to the total BS (no offense) that's in the art portal. So here I am, at the end of my post. So, goodbye for now Newgrounds, screw most'a youse.


P.S. ... The fox can go die in a hole, as can the artist. I will MURDER you and play chess in your chest cavity if you mention that piece of manure the stereotypes call "good" or "music" one time.

And no, I'm not sorry.